3D Tempered Glass for Pixel 2

3D Tempered Glass for Pixel 2

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    The new, redesigned 3D Tempered Glass for the new Pixel 2 phone has greater clarity, is more adhesive and is completely compatible with made for Google Pixel products. 

    Now you can protect your new Pixel 2 phone with the best screen protection available. Power Support’s new 3D Tempered Glass Film for the Pixel 2 provides complete, edge to edge, 9H scratch resistant protection with the thinnest, most responsive tempered glass available.

    3D Tempered Glass

    The 3D Tempered Glass gently curves around the edge of the Pixel 2 providing complete edge to edge protection.

    Ultra-Thin Tempered Glass

    Power Support’s ultra-thin tempered glass is a remarkable 0.33mm thin. This provides excellent transparency with an extremely responsive touch without adding bulk to your Pixel 2.

    9H Hardness

    Our tempered glass meets and exceeds the highest standards of durability and scratch resistance.

    Made for Google Pixel

    Now our 3D Tempered Glass has been designed and produced for the Google Pixel 2 and has been certified to meet the standards of the made for Google program.


      • Tempered Glass
      • 3D curved glass surface
      • 9H surface hardness
      • 0.33 mm ultra-thin
      • Made for Google

    Set includes: 

      • 3D Tempered Glass Film
      • Dust Remover
      • Micro Cleaning Cloth
  • Customer Reviews


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    1. Bad product experience

      Product isn't cut precisely. No cutout for front sensors, just clear glass on 9th Apr 2018

    2. Decent protection, but very poor visibility

      Power Support disappointed me with this product for the first time. I requested a replacement and it looks just the same. The screen protector fits well and I think would protect the screen, but it reduces the visibility of the screen with increased glare and visible dotted texture behind the glass.

      I would not recommend this product due to it's high price.
      on 30th Jan 2018

    3. Ambient Displaay

      This is great for the small pixel 2, durable and quite easy to install, my greatest drawback is that it messes with ambient display, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't with the screen protector, if it does work it turns off after a few seconds on 16th Jan 2018

    4. caused issues with the screen sensor.

      Had this on my phone for about a month and a half and then was having issues with the screen sensor. Screen would turn off during a call and would not turn back on. Project Fi support had me take off the screen protector. It appears to have fixed my issue. For $40, it should just work. on 18th Dec 2017

    5. Adhesive only on the sides

      Beware! Not worth the money paid as the adhesive to the screen is only on the sides and it traps dust. There is also a noticeable gap between the glass & the phone screen surface. on 4th Dec 2017

    6. How is this is worth even 5 dollars?

      It makes the screen look like a dang rainbow when light shines on it because there is almost no adhesive, which means it just slides around and pops off in your pocket - it's totally pointless. How they think they can charge 40 dollars for this is beyond me - you're better off buying an equally bad cheap screen protector. on 10th Nov 2017

    7. Waste of money! NOT case-friendly and cracked during installation

      No installation instructions in/on the package. Fine, shouldn't be too hard. Put the film on, then put my case back on - which immediately popped the film back off in one corner. Tried to take the case back off to fix, and the corner of the film cracked. Is now unusable - not that I could use it with my case anyway. The fact that it is not case-friendly is not stated anywhere that I can see, or else I wouldn't have ordered it. Spent $40 (!!!) for a product that I did not get any use from. Will be contacting for a refund. on 9th Nov 2017

    8. Too large for Pixel 2

      This screen protector, while wonderfully hard, clear, and smudge resistant, is too large for the phone by about a millimeter or two. As a result, no phone case (I tried a couple from spigen and others) seems to fit the phone without causing the screen protector to pop off at the edges. When using this screen protector without a phone case, the size of it is such that if your phone bumps anything, the slightest impact will crush the edge of the screen protector and cause the glass to crack.

      This would be a great product if only it were a little smaller to that phone cases could wrap around the phone's sides without interfering with the tempered glass.
      on 9th Nov 2017

    9. Not worth the money

      Pros: Easy to apply, glass feels nice

      Cons: Reduced luminosity, increased smudging (and therefor decreased visibility), doesn't fully adhere/cure, polarization issues, scratches more easily than phone's screen.

      I had my Pixel 2 a couple days before I had a case and screen protector, so I got to see a couple days raw wear, and a week and a half or so of wear on the screen protector and case. The 3D Tempered Glass for Pixel 2 is wicked easy to apply, but didn't fully adhere/cure properly, so there is a corner of my screen that "pops" when I swipe over it. Further, some extra dust has managed to make its way between the screen and the glass protector due to incomplete adherence. The glass does feel nice to the touch, but keeps finger smudges more than the Pixel 2's raw screen. Finally, overall visibility isn't great after apply the screen. It reduces luminosity more than expected, has some funky polarization that can make the screen off-color or hard to see while wearing polarized glasses (something which wasn't an issue with the raw screen), and appears to scratch more easily than the raw screen.
      on 8th Nov 2017

    10. Did not stay on phone

      DO NOT BUY!!

      After just two days, the cover started popping off my phone randomly. Finally after it popped off enough times, I couldn't get it to stay on my phone any more.

      DO NOT BUY!!
      on 6th Nov 2017

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  • Warranty Information

    If this product fails due to manufacturing defects it is covered under the Power Support Warranty for three months from the date of purchase.

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  • Other Details

    Compatibility: Pixel 2
    Type: Screen Film
    Film Type: 3D Glass
    Compatible Brand: Google Pixel