About Us

Advanced technology. Superior experience.

Established in Japan in 1996, Power Support Company, LTD is now a dominant player in the Japanese electronics accessory market and is a growing force globally. Known for our intelligent and uniquely designed products, spectacular quality, extreme attention to detail, and impeccable service, Power Support has built a reputation surpassed by no other.

Protecting our environment for future generations is also extremely important to Power Support. All of our products are made without the use of PVC, all packaging and product manufacturing is environmentally friendly and all factories meet or exceed current ISO requirements. Rest assured that when you purchase Power Support products you are working with us to protect our environment.

Although we truly shine in the film industry (variety of patents for original iPod screen protectors and cases) Power Support also produces incredibly beautiful, impeccably designed, precisely manufactured user-friendly cases for a variety of products. With an emphasis on usability and all-over protection, Power Support’s line of cases provides a plethora of protective solutions. And we might add that Power Support has been there since the very beginning. In fact, Power Support made the very first silicone jacket for the original iPod™. A history of which we are very proud.
Power Support is dedicated to producing only the highest quality protective solutions for our customers. Because we control all R&D and manufacturing, we can guarantee the highest quality products and workmanship. Attention to detail, environmentally conscious and amazing customer service make Power Support a clear choice.
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