AFP Crystal Film iPhone SE 5s/5c/5

AFP Crystal Film iPhone SE 5s/5c/5

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iPhone SE
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AFP Crystal Film™ is compatible with the iPhone SE, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c and iPhone 5.

Electronic device screens are highly susceptible to scratches, abrasions and even cracking, especially for devices featuring LCD screens like the iPhone, so protecting your device with the right product is essential. Power Support combines cutting edge technology with the finest materials to create exceptional films that provide the highest protection available. Our Crystal Film™ technology is unmatched in the industry. Crystal Film™ provides amazing protection for your screen while simultaneously enhancing the images. Most importantly, the silky soft screen does not impede the touch screen functionality of the device. This amazing product is intelligently designed and precisely die-cut to accurately and perfectly fit your phone that when matched with the spectacular display make for the perfect solution to protect your device. Easy installation is facilitated by our new Rip In Place (RIP) technology. This technology features a separator that is easily ripped so that the film can then be easily placed on the screen surface. A first section is removed from the center of the film allowing the film to be centered and partially applied. Thereafter, the opposite end separators are removed, aligned and adhered to the screen. This new technology makes application virtually foolproof! Easy installation and exceptional protection make the Power Support iPhone Crystal Film™ a clear choice.

Set includes:

    • 2 AFP Crystal Film™ with Rip In Place (RIP)™ separator
    • 1 Dust remover
    • 1 cleaning cloth
If this product fails due to manufacturing defects it is covered under the Power Support Warranty for three months from the date of purchase.

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  • 5
    Very nice screen protector.

    Posted by Keith Wysocki on 25th Jun 2016

    I've been using power support screen protectors for my iphone for 4 years now and ive always liked their products but this crystal screen protector is my favorite so far. it looks crystal clear and feels nice on the fingers.

  • 5
    Easy install, great protection, great visibility

    Posted by Unknown on 8th Jun 2016

    I purchased the Power Support Crystal film protector for my iPhone. I was a little concerned about installing one myself, as I've had screen protectors installed in stores before, and I found the little bubbles annoying. This was REALLY easy to install. I used the supplied cleaning cloth and tacky cleaner and began placing the film on the phone. I was off a little in alignment so, before I stuck it down all the way I carefully pulled it back up and realigned and then lowered it back into place. Given my false start, I was concerned. But, no bubbles! It looks great.

    I use my phone a lot for navigating while hiking and biking, and I wasn't sure about whether to get the Crystal or the No Glare film. The Crystal has worked fine, and gives a much cleaner view of a map than the non-glare film on my wife's iPad.

    I've had the Crystal film on my phone for about a month, including carrying it in my pack with other abrasive stuff, and using it in the rain. The film still looks crystal clear and fine, and actually seemed to help the touch screen continue to work well when my finger, and my phone, were wet with rain.

    I'm super happy with the Power Support Crystal film screen protector, and will get another when I need it (though I've already got a spare, as there were two in the package!).


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