Air Jacket for iPhone 7 Plus Rubber Black on silver iPhone 7 Plus

Air Jacket for iPhone 7 Plus Rubber Black

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iPhone 7 Plus
Air Jacket

Apple continues the tradition of beautiful, high technology devices with the iPhone 7 Plus. The design and the colors of the iPhone 7 Plus are just as compelling as the technical achievements. That is why Power Support designs our distinctive Air Jacket cases to protect the iPhone without distracting from it beauty and design. Specifically designed for Apple, the new Air Jacket™ is made from an ultra-thin poly-carbonate shell with a self-healing coating to ensure that your phone stays protected and that your case maintains the phone's original, clean look. Unlike many cases that only cover three sides of the iPhone 7 Plus our Air Jacket™ case totally encompasses all four sides to guarantee full protection for the device. This provides a clean, tight fitting case that hugs your new iPhone 7 Plus that protects while showing off your device. All buttons are easily accessible because of the case's extreme thinness and because of the amazingly precise manufacturing.

New Material

Our Air Jackets are known for their extreme thinness, clarity and strength. When our Rubber Black Air Jacket is on an iPhone it snugs it like a second skin, highlighting the stylish beauty of the iPhone and not the case. The Rubber Black coating is a thin, unique finish that ensures that your phone stays protected plus gives you a grippy feel so that your phone won't slip out of your hand. The unique Rubber Black finish provides a slight twist on the clear case by still showing off the sleekness of your iPhone 7 Plus but adding a tweak of rubberized texture to the case. The case is completely opaque and is a great match for the new Apple Black or when you want a new look for your iPhone. Our new Air Jacket is just as thin and tough as before but a bit more pliable. We understand that the Air Jacket’s exact fit and the shape of the iPhone’s sides may make the Air Jacket difficult to remove. We have listened to your concerns and so the new material has just enough give to make removal a bit easier. In addition the open cut-out around the lighting connector, and the slight indentions around the bottom corners will make it easier to remove the Air Jacket from the iPhone 7 Plus. 

Raised Camera Lens 

The new iPhones have amazing cameras with high technology lenses. The problem is that in order to accommodate all that technology the camera lens is raised on the back of the phone. When you lay your iPhone down it rests ON THE LENS! Would you lay your Nikon on its lens? Plus the phone rocks and is not stable when you lay it down. The cut out for the camera lens in our Air Jacket eliminates this problem. Feel free to lay your iPhone 7 down anywhere when it is in our Air Jacket.

We are extremely proud of the new enhancements made in our Air Jacket for the iPhone 7 and we know that you will be pleased.


    • New, more Flexible Poly-Carbonate
    • Self-Healing Coating
    • Full Four Side Protection
    • Camera Lens Cut-out
    • Exact Fit Design

Set includes:     

    • 1 Air Jacket™
If this product fails due to manufacturing defects it is covered under the Power Support Warranty for three months from the date of purchase

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  • 5
    Updated review: my flaking case replaced!

    Posted by Ed on 15th Feb 2017

    Since my last review where I described flaking of my iPhone 7 case, I contacted PS themselves and asked if they could help me out. They gladly sent me a replacement case that I already received in the mail!
    Looks like it's not a common problem at all so I'm psyched to have a new one. Thank you Power Support!

  • 4
    Such a great looking case, but its flaking.

    Posted by Ed on 9th Feb 2017

    Absolutely LOVE this case,
    but the black is flaking off in spots along the edges and one side. Only had the case for a little over a month and haven't even dropped it anywhere so this seems pretty strange.
    Otherwise, this is easily the best, coolest looking case for my iPhone 7 Plus.

  • 5
    Very impressed

    Posted by bkdodger on 6th Feb 2017

    I'd highly recommend this case. It's so slim and great feel in hand . I'm happy it was suggested to me by colleague. Front screen doesn't have much lip so only negative for some of you looking for more on it but I personally like it with the tempered glass protector I use makes it a great combination.

  • 5
    My 4th power support case for last 4 generations of iPhones

    Posted by Unknown on 8th Dec 2016

    Excellent case and great coverage for everyday use. Well machined and snug fit on the phone. Very minimal bulk added. Great grip. I have used many other cases but always find myself going back to this one.


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