Air Jacket KIRIKO for iPhone 7 Hemp Blue

Air Jacket KIRIKO for iPhone 7 Hemp

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iPhone 7
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kiriko-cutglass-variety.jpgThe Kiriko Air Jacket by Power Support is extremely popular in Japan and Asia and is now available online for the iPhone 7. It has not been available on our website since the iPhone 5 release. Kiriko is an intrinsically Japanese art form that combines intricate designs, beauty and functionality.

Over 200 years ago the Japanese glassblowers of Edo would blow clear glass into a paper-thin layer of colored glass then form the final shape over intense flames. When cooled, artisans would cut and etch intricate, geometric patterns into the hard glass. This produces vivid, stunning patterns and elegant designs. Traditional kiriko craftsmen still produce stunning works of art in modern Tokyo.

Using our clear, hard polycarbonate Air Jacket, Power Support engineers and designers have applied a thin, translucent color coating to the outside of the case. Traditional kiriko designs are then cut into the case producing an Air Jacket that is functional and stunning. The patterns pick up light, reflections and the patterns of the iPhone to produce an ever-changing array of light and color that closely resembles the traditional kiriko cut glass.

The kiriko Air Jacket is available in three patterns:

    • Folding Fan evokes the elegant paper fans of Japan.
    • Pinwheel & Star is a traditional pattern found in kiriko glassware.
    • Hemp resembles the pattern of macramé knots.


The kiriko Air Jacket is available in five colors:

    • Clear
    • Blue
    • Red
    • Pure White
    • Jet Black


    • Traditional kiriko design
    • Flexible Poly-Carbonate
    • Self-Healing Coating
    • Full Four-Sided Protection
    • Camera Lens Cut-out
    • Exact Fit Design 

Set includes:  1 Air Jacket

If this product fails due to manufacturing defects it is covered under the Power Support Warranty for three months from the date of purchase.


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