Anti Glare Film for MacBook Pro 15"

Anti Glare Film for MacBook Pro 15"

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MacBook Pro 15
MacBook 13"
Screen Film
Film Type:
Compatible with the MacBook Pro 15" 2008-2012 and with the MacBook 13" 2009-2010
*Not compatible with MacBook Pro 15" 2016

Your MacBook Pro's screen is highly susceptible toscratches, abrasions and even cracking so protecting your screen with the rightproduct is critical. Power Support combines cutting edge technology with the finestmaterials to create exceptional films that provide the highest protection available. Our Anti-Glare™ technology is unmatched in the industry and virtuallyeliminates finger printing, reflection and glare. Exceptional protection,enhanced screen display and precise fit make the Power Support Anti-Glare™ Film for the MacBook Pro a clear choice.

    • Anti-Glare™ Film virtually eliminates fingerprints and glare
    • Easy Installation and No Removal Residue
    • Exact Fit perfectly matches the MacBook Pro 15
    • Exceptional Protection from scratches and abrasions

Film set includes:

    • 1 Anti-Glare™ film
    • 1 applicator cloth
If this product fails due to manufacturing defects it is covered under the Power Support Warranty for three months from the date of purchase.

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    Posted by Unknown on 29th Oct 2016

    (MacBook Pro 15" mid-2012)
    This anti-glare Film is providing so much relief to my eyes. I sold my MacBook Air last year and ever since I've been regretting it because I find the screen on my MacBook Pro so hard on my eyes. As soon as I applied this Film I felt like I was looking at my old MacBook Air! But it appears that the quality of the MBP screen is better than the MBA so maybe this is the best of both worlds.
    Gone are the days of seeing my face reflected in the screen. And no more straining to see what's on the screen when there's a bit of bright light around.
    My only disappointment with this Film is that it's hard to apply. After looking around online, I didn't feel up to the task so I made an appointment at a Genius Bar. After some hesitation the guy brought it to the back to see if someone would apply the Film. They did, but when he brought it out there were about 6 air bubbles. Frustrating. When I brought it home, I tried to pull the Film off to try to remove the dust particles, but it seems to be nearly impossible because of the bezel around the edge of the screen. That said, when the screen is on I don't see the air bubbles at all, unless the screen is black or dark. Still, it's frustrating. After it had been applied at the Apple Store, a representative at a cell phone carrier's kiosk advised me that it's a best practice not to apply screen protectors or films in shopping malls because there is so much dust from all of the foot traffic. So, my advice would be to apply it yourself with a lot of care in a steamy bathroom (run a hot shower). And do some research online to find good instructions. Just don't take it to a mall or an Apple Store!


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