COVID-19 Coronavirus Disrupts Supply of CLAW for Stadia

COVID-19 Coronavirus Disrupts Supply of CLAW for Stadia

Posted by Timothy J. Lorang on on 25th Feb 2020

UPDATE 19 March 2020 CLAW on its way

As the Corona Virus pandemic recedes in China manufacturing is starting to pick up and products are starting to be shipped. Including our popular CLAW™ for Stadia Controller. A new shipment is on its way from our factory in China and should be available on our website by 25 March 2020. We appreciate everyone's patience during this trying time. 

You can pre-order the CLAW™ for Stadia Controller before 25 March 2020 or order after the 25th by clicking the button below. 

Power Support CLAW for Stadia Controller

Original blog posted 25 February 2020:

The new CLAW™ for Stadia Controller has been a big hit for fans of Google’s Stadia game platform. Since its introduction in December the CLAW™ had been selling out on our  website and on the Google Store. In fact we sold most of our first manufacturing run in less than two months so we put in a big order with our production partners in China. Their commitment was to deliver a second, larger supply right after the Lunar New Year when most Chinese take time off work to visit their family and loved ones. This is when the COVID-19 Coronavirus struck.

CLAW for Stadia Controller

In response to the sudden and deadly outbreak of the COVID-19 Coronavirus China took extraordinary measures to contain the spread of the virus. Entire cities were quarantined, schools and factories closed and travel severely restricted. This may have seemed extreme, but it was necessary to contain a new virus strain that few understood. Unfortunately for our customers this will also delay the production of the CLAW™.

At Power Support our first thoughts go to our manufacturing partners in China. We hope that they, their families and loved ones are safe and well, and that this public health emergency soon passes so they can resume their lives. The largest quarantine was in Wuhan, but the entire country has been affected, including our manufacturing facility.

Our goal is to protect the lives and health of our partners in China. As soon as it is safe to resume production, we have been assured that our order for the CLAW™ for Stadia Controller will be filled and delivered as soon as possible. Unfortunately, at this time we do not know when that will be. We will update our customers when we have more news.

For now, we still have a few CLAW™ for Stadia Controller on hand on our  website and in the Google Store.