Fitting Questions for the iPhone 6 Screen Film

Fitting Questions for the iPhone 6 Screen Film

Posted by Timothy Lorang on on 23rd Jun 2015

Long time supporters of Power Support you know that we pride ourselves on our products and we try everything possible to produce only the best. We would like to address some of the issues that are circulating regarding our new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus products.

There are some negative reviews and comments about the new Power Support film and specifically, about the dimensions. We want to assure you that the film quality is the same as ever—spectacular! However, we had to make some tough design choices when we manufactured this product and not everyone is happy with our choice. The new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are BEAUTIFUL devices. Part of this beauty stems from the fact that the new glass face has a slight bevel all around the device, giving a soft, gentle feel to the outside of the phone. This new Apple design presented a significant challenge for us.

On the iPhone 6, the surface of the device that is actually flat is only 58.48mm wide; however, the illuminated display area is 58.50mm wide. If we made a film that covered the entire display area then approximately 0.02mm of film would be on the curvature. This is potentially problematic as the film may bubble at the edges and eventually pull off.

This is because Power Support uses a stronger, more resilient, less flexible film material disregarding the higher cost. Some thinner and more flexible films on the market may be able to extend over the curvature, but would not provide the same protection and quality. We extended the film to cover the maximum area of the screen without compromising the adhesive bond. Our film width is actually 58.28mm wide, just slightly 

smaller than the illuminated display area. This leaves an exposed area of approximately 0.11mm per side. We felt that having this minimum exposure was a better alternative to having a film that might potentially peel off on the sides. We were faced with the same problem when it came to designing the cutout around the home button. The lower portion of the home button is actually on the curvature so in order to prevent this film portion from peeling we removed it and arrived at the horseshoe design.

We sincerely thank our customers for their input and comments and we listen and take them to heart. The iPhone 6, although beautiful, has presented its share of engineering challenges. Our engineers are continuing to work on improvements and searching for better solutions to bring you the highest quality products. In order to protect your new iPhone as much as possible we always recommend adding an Air Jacket. The full, four side protection combined with the raised edge will help protect your phone and your screen.