iPhone 7 Air Jacket and Screen Film Release Update

iPhone 7 Air Jacket and Screen Film Release Update

Posted by Timothy J. Lorang on on 9th Sep 2016

Everyone here at Power Support is extremely excited about the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Like everyone else we watched Tim Cook present all the new updates and features for the iPhone 7. The look is very similar to the iPhone 6 but with some significant changes. No headphone jack for one thing and stereo speakers for another. Then there is the static home button and that camera! It’s amazing. when you consider the faster processors, brighter screen, longer battery life and water-resistant Jet Black case we think Apple has a winner and we here at Power Support are ready to provide you the protection for your new device!!!

Of course now the question is when will Power Support start selling Air Jackets and screen film for the new iPhone 7? This has always been a bit of a touchy subject when Apple releases new products. See our blog before the release of the iPhone 6. On the one hand there have been rumors, leaks and speculation for months about the new phone. We do know for example that Apple will be using the same 4.7-inch screen used for the iPhone 6s. Many an enterprising engineer could reasonably put together a pretty good set of specifications for the new phones. In fact our engineers have been working for months on the new designs and getting ready for the iPhone 7 launch. Many of our competitors are looking at the same information and will, undoubtedly have cases and screens available for sale before September 16 th. Many of them can do that because their cases and films are a pretty good fit, their tolerances are loose and they will have open sides or large openings. That is where our engineers draw the line.

The Power Support engineers will not commit to a design and will not begin production until they have both the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus in hand for exact measurements and tests. If a button, speaker hole or sensor has been moved even a millimeter they will compensate for that in their new design. So the iPhone 7 is close to the iPhone 6 but it is not exactly the same and our Air Jacket will not be a close fit, it will be an exact fit. Given these restrictions we are confident of a very quick turn around and we should have products ready for sale on line before the middle of October, if not before. We should have products in the Apple stores not much later.

The Air Jacket for the iPhone 7

Power Support will provide Air Jackets, our trademark iPhone case, for the new iPhones. Initially we will have a Clear, Clear Black or Smoke, and Rubber Black case for each phone with some important features.

  • New Material: Our Air Jackets are known for their extreme thinness, clarity and strength. When our clear Air Jacket is on an iPhone it disappears, highlighting the stylish beauty of the iPhone and not the case. Our Rubber Black Air Jacket is almost like a second skin. Our new Air Jacket is just as clear, thin and tough but a bit more pliable. We understand that the Air Jacket’s exact fit and the shape of the iPhone’s sides may make the Air Jacket difficult to remove. We have listened to your concerns and so the new material has just enough give to make removal a bit easier.
  • Raised Camera Lens: Did you see the 12-megapixel camera and that 56mm telephoto lens on the 7 Plus? The only problem is that in order to accommodate all that technology the camera lens is raised on the back of the phone. When you lay your iPhone down it rests ON THE LENS! Would you lay your Nikon on its lens? Plus the phone rocks and is not stable when you lay it down. The cut out for the camera lens in the Air Jacket eliminates this problem. Feel free to lay your iPhone 7 down anywhere when it is in our Air Jacket.
  • New Jet Black finish: What a gorgeous looking phone! That high-gloss finish is achieved through a precision nine-step anodization and polish process. However, according to Apple’s web site, “its high shine may show fine micro-abrasions with use. If you are concerned about this, we suggest you use one of the many cases available to protect your iPhone.” We are a little biased but we would suggest the Clear Air Jacket for iPhone 7. The Jet Black finish will look just as amazing and it will not get scratched. The Clear Air Jacket will also look great on the Grey, Gold, Rose Gold and Flat Black iPhones.
  • Gradation Air Jackets will be next: Our Gradation Air Jackets that match the Apple color scheme will be coming soon. Just for the record, it is very hard to get the gradation just right and it may take us a little longer to get these ready. Most likely they will be Gold, Rose Gold and Grey. I’ve seen some early artist renderings and the gradation Air Jackets look great on the flat black iPhone 7.

Screen Film

Power Support will continue to provide our spectacular AFP Crystal Film and Anti-glare Film for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Our films are extremely responsive and do not diminish the interactive feel of the new iPhone screens. Our patented Rip-In-Place technology makes it easy to accurately apply the film. The crystal surface treatment does not distort or obscure the screen but actually enhances the picture and image quality resulting in a clear, sharp image with vibrant colors. The Anti-Finger Print qualities of the film does not mean it is impossible to get a fingerprint on the screen. It means that the dirt and oils found naturally on your fingers and hands do not adhere to or penetrate the hard coating of the film making it easy to clean. The anti-glare surface treatment reduces hot spots and reflections resulting in spectacular image quality, sharp images and bright vibrant colors. Our engineers have also re-worked our Shock-absorbing Crystal Film and Anti-glare Film for the iPhone 7 offering the highest screen protection possible.

We know it is hard to wait for the new Air Jackets and Screen Films but like the iPhone 7, we think it is worth the wait. I can guarantee that our engineers will be working around the clock to get these new products online and ready for sale as fast as they can, but not so fast as to compromise quality. We will let you know as soon as possible when we have a firm delivery date and when it will be possible to start accepting pre-orders. Thank you for your patience and watch this space for updates and news.