Motorola’s affordable Moto E is fully protected by Power Support.

Motorola’s affordable Moto E is fully protected by Power Support.

Posted by Timothy Lorang on on 21st May 2014

Screen protection for the Moto E

Power Support announced today that they will be providing their top of the line screen protection films for Motorola’s new Moto E Android smartphone. In 2013 Power Support introduced Air Jackets and screen protection films for Motorola’s devices. Now Power Support’s Brilliant Film, Non-glare Film and Shock-absorbing Brilliant Film screen protectors for the Moto E are available on their website. The same high quality screen protectors that have been available for iPhones, the Moto X and the Moto G will be available online at a retail price of only $14.95 for the Brilliant and Non-glare Films and $19.95 for the Shock-absorbing Brilliant Film for the Moto E.

Less than a year after Motorola released their iconic Moto X and their bestselling Moto G they are pushing the boundaries of technology and affordability with the new Moto E. With a starting price of only $129 with no contract, Motorola is introducing the smartphone to a whole new market. “Power Support has worked closely with Motorola to provide outstanding screen protection for all of the Moto smartphones” said Tracy Heims, Power Support International’s Director. “If the Moto E is your first Android Smartphone, a phone for the kids or your back-up phone, we want to help you keep the screen in pristine condition.”

Power Support’s Brilliant Film for the Moto E is a custom-fit screen protector that allows the vibrant colors of the Moto E’s high-resolution 4.3” display to shine through without compromising quality or touch screen sensitivity. It is available online for $14.95.

Screen Protection for everyone!

Our Non-glare technology is unmatched in the industry and virtually eliminates finger printing, reflection and glare. The Non-glare Film for Moto E is available online for $14.95.

Power Support’s Shock absorbing screen protectors combine cutting edge technology with the finest materials to create exceptional films that provide the highest impact protection available. The Shock-absorbing Brilliant Film for Moto E is now available online for $19.95.

Photo Credit: Intel Free Press