Power Support International releases new Hybrid Crystal Film for the iPhone 5s/5c/5

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New Hybrid Film is as strong as tempered glass but thinner and bendable.

Hybrid Crystal Film

Power Support announced that Hybrid Crystal Film, their newest screen protection for the iPhone 5s/5c/5, is now available on their website. Power Support engineers have developed a screen protector that is as strong and scratch resistant as tempered glass using a glass and resin mixture but is 35% thinner, flexible and bendable. This hybrid formula eliminates the bulk of tempered glass while maintaining the 9H scratch resistance rating, the highest rating in the industry for hardness. The Hybrid Crystal Film will be available online at a retail price of $24.95.

Hybrid Film

“Our customers are used to a very high quality product but we have always thought that the thick tempered glass interfered with the sleek, sophisticated iPhone experience,” said Tracy Heims, Power Support International’s Director. “Now we can offer a product that is as strong as tempered glass but thin and flexible like our other screen protection films.” At a slender .255 mm the Hybrid Crystal Film is flexible but is as hard and scratch resistant as tempered glass. Independent laboratories using the JIS K56 testing methods have given the Hybrid Crystal Film the highest scratch resistance rating of 9H. Because it is a hybrid film and not only made from glass it is extremely flexible and bendable. This unique feature provides enhanced usability and makes application much easier.

The thin film will not interfere with the touch sensitivity of the screen. Like Power Support International’s other crystal clear, brilliant films the  Hybrid Crystal Film will never yellow or discolor and will not detract from the iPhone’s display. 

Hybrid Film for the iPhone 5

Since 1996 Power Support has been developing products and accessories for Apple products. In 2002 Power Support released the first silicone jacket case for the iPod and the first screen protection film for the iPod and the new PowerBook. Through the years Power Support has continued to develop protective screen films and cases for Apple products including the iconic Air Jacket and Shock-Absorbing film. Power Support products have consistently been shown, highlighted and sold in Apple stores around the World. Power Support’s Apple products and accessories are available in the Apple Store and online. In 2013 Power Support introduced Air Jackets and screen protection films for Motorola’s devices.

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