Power Support launches new VOWGO antibacterial and antiviral products

Power Support launches new VOWGO antibacterial and antiviral products

Posted by Timothy J. Lorang on on 28th Oct 2020

Your phone is with you constantly. You touch the phone to open apps and text. You hold the phone up to your face when you make a call. There are many opportunities to pick up bacteria, germs, fungus and viruses. According to some sources your phone can be covered with 25,127 bacteria per square inch. (See our blog: How to safely clean and disinfect your phone in the age of Coronavirus.) At Power Support we have been dedicated to protecting your iPhone. Now we have a line of products that can help protect you.

Because of the pressing need to provide protection from viruses and disease Power Support is developing a new line of antibacterial and antiviral products under the VOWGO name. Our first product release is the VOWGO Antibacterial & Antiviral Glass Film for iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. In the coming year the VOWGO series will also feature many new products including antimicrobial Air Jackets and a special antibacterial/antiviral liquid coating you can apply directly to any iPhone or smartphone screen.

Power Support has developed an antimicrobial agent that chemically bonds to the surface of our hybrid glass screen film protector. Because of this tight, chemical bond, it is extremely effective and long lasting.

Antimicrobial Properties

VOWGO suppresses bacterial growth 99.9%

Our engineers in Japan submitted our VOWGO products to independent, third-party labs where they tested the antimicrobial properties using the JIS Z 2801 protocols established by the Antibacterial Product Technology Council (SIAA) of Japan. (This standard is identical to ISO 22196 measurement of antibacterial activity on plastics and other non-porous surfaces.) The results were impressive.

Under controlled laboratory tests bacteria was added to an untreated glass surface and to our VOWGO treated glass. In a special chamber they heated the glass to 35┬░celsius (95┬░ Fahrenheit) and let the bacteria grow. After 24 hours the untreated glass surface was teaming with bacteria while the VOWGO treated glass suppressed the bacterial growth by 99.9%.

Our VOWGO glass screen film is an effective way to suppress bacteria, viruses, and fungus on your iPhone. 

Long Lasting Protection

Because there is a strong chemical bond between the glass and the antimicrobial agent, unlike a film or chemical painted onto the glass, the antimicrobial coating will not peel-off, flake-off, or wear-off. Your phone will continue to be protected from microbes, bacteria, fungus and viruses. There is no need to use disinfectants or alcohol to clean your screen.

Anti-fingerprints and anti-smudging

VOWGO Antibacterial & Antiviral Glass Film

The same properties that repel microbes also repel oils and sweat from your fingers and hands, as well as grease, dirt and lubricants. This does not mean that you will never see a fingerprint or dirt on your screen. It means that, unlike many surfaces, the oils and dirt will not penetrate the surface of the glass making it easier to wipe away oils and grime.

Water Resistant

Like oil and grime, water will bead up and roll right off the screen. This does not mean your iPhone will be waterproof, it means that water will not hurt or damage the screen surface and will not wash away the antibacterial and antiviral properties of the glass screen film.

Strong and Flexible Hybrid Glass

Unlike traditional tempered glass screen protectors that are thick (0.5mm), rigid, and brittle, our new VOWGO film is 0.35mm thin, flexible, incredibly strong, and scratch and crack resistant. In fact, it is more scratch resistant than Gorilla Glass. We use an aluminosilicate glass that undergoes a special chemical etching process that gives the glass amazing strength and thinness. In addition, the VOWGO glass film is still extremely responsive and translucent.

WARNING: This amazing new product will not completely protect you from contracting COVID-19, but we are doing what we can to safeguard your health and safety.


VOWGO Antibacterial & Antiviral Glass Film for iPhone 12 mini

VOWGO Antibacterial & Antiviral Glass Film for iPhone 12/12 Pro

VOWGO Antibacterial & Antiviral Glass Film for iPhone 12 Pro Max