Show Some Glass Photo Contest

Show Some Glass Photo Contest

Posted by Timothy Lorang on on 9th Aug 2016

Show Some Glass Photo Contest

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Power Support users are classy people. They buy great products like the iPhone and the iPad and they protect them with the best screen film protection and Air Jackets available. In fact we think they are more than classy, we think they are “glassy” and that’s why we are asking our fans to Show Some Glass! All through August we are asking everyone to Show Some Glass by uploading a photo of you and your device protected by Power Support screen protection films, bumpers and Air Jackets™, or devices you would like to protect with Power Support once you win the contest. You can upload your photos on line at or on our Facebook Page.

Win $100 Gift Certificate

Mother and Baby Show Some Glass

There are several ways to win! Anyone can visit the site and vote for their favorite photo up through September 4,2016. The entry with the most votes will win a $100 gift certificate good in our online store. We will also have three drawings from all the entries for $75, $50 and $25 gift certificates. In addition one entry will be chosen as the Power Support Staff’s Favorite and receive a $100 gift certificate. The winners will be announced September 6, 2016. Just in time for the new iPhone release and back to school shopping. In addition each entry will receive a 5% discount code that can be used on our website.

The Rules Are Simple:

Sail on a boat and Show Some Glass

  • The photo must contain the Apple device that is protected (or can be protected) by Power Support.
  • There must be part of your body, or your friend’s body, in the photo.
  • It can be a selfie or it can be taken by a friend.
  • That’s just about it. You can upload one new photo a day up through September 4 th. Anyone can vote for their favorite photos so be sure to tell your friends and share your choice online. For a complete set of rules read the Terms & Conditions on the contest site.

    Photo Ideas

    Don’t know what kind of photo to enter? Here are some suggestions:

    • Have fun with Show Some Glass Photo ContestShow Some Glass while having fun!
      We have our phones with us everywhere, even when we are enjoying ourselves. Take a photo while at a party with friends, around the campfire, at the beach or climbing a mountain (be safe!)
    • Show Some Glass Fashion Statementt.
      Many people love the simple clear and black Air Jackets that protect but do not detract from your device’s look and feel. Others like the subtle colors of the Gradation Air Jackets while others like the distinctive, traditional Japanese styling of the Kiriko Air Jacket. Do you use your device as a fashion accessory? Does your device just fit your style? Does the slim Air Jacket just make it easy to slip your phone into your tight jeans? What is your fashion statement? Show Some Glass!
    • Show Some Glass at work.
      These girls know how to Show Some GlassLet’s face it, many of us use our MacBook or iPad on the job. Where do you work? Do you have an unusual or unlikely job? Does your device need the added protection of Power Support because of your job? Even if you think your job is boring it’s exciting to us. Show Some Glass at Work!
    • Show Some Glass around the world!
      We never leave the house without our phone never mind going on vacation without it. Where in the world do you go? Show Some Glass in unusual or exotic places! Maybe you live in an exotic or exciting place. Show Some Glass where you live. You don’t think you live in an exotic place? Remember, for someone in Istanbul or Paris, Austin or Omaha is pretty exotic. Show Some Glass!
    • Show Some Glass in unusual situations!

      Cat got your tongue, or maybe your iPhone? We’ll bend the rules a bit so your cat can upload the photo! Did the baby just smear oatmeal all over the iPad? Include baby, the oatmeal and the device and we think that would be a great way to Show Some Glass.

    • Jump off a boat and Show Some GlassShow Some Artistic Glass.
      There are some Glassy things that some very artistic people do to their photos with arty software. Are you the arty type? Have some fun and make a modern day masterpiece.

    Be creative! Upload an awesome photo and you just may win. Remember, even if your photo gets no votes you will still be eligible to win the random drawing for gift certificates worth $75, $50 and $25 and you will get a 5% Discount Code! So get out your iPhone, go stand in front of the mirror and Show Some Glass!