When will the Air Jackets for the iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xr be available?

When will the Air Jackets for the iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xr be available?

Posted by Tim Lorang on on 17th Sep 2018

On September 14, 2018, Apple announced the release of the new iPhone Xs, the iPhone Xs Max and the iPhone Xr. Like you, we always get excited with the release of a new iPhone. Each year brings exciting breakthroughs and this new iPhone is smarter, faster and more advanced, while retaining the style and beauty we have come to expect from Apple. But advanced technology and style comes at a premium and we are proud to provide an iPhone case to protect your investment without sacrificing style or functionality. As in previous years Power Support will be making a Clear, Black and Smoke Air Jacket case for the iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max and the iPhone Xr. In addition, we will be making a line of colorful, enduring Air Jackets featuring the luxurious Ultrasuede® cover, as well as our popular Crystal and Anti-glare screen film protectors.

Every year we get questions about when our Air Jackets and screen films will be available for the new iPhones. A common assumption is that Apple gives Power Support advanced prototypes and detailed specifications. While we work closely with Apple, they are keenly protective of their new iPhones and do not share all this information. Our engineers have a lot of information about the new iPhones, but they do not want to make final design decisions until they have an actual iPhone in their hands. This way they can achieve an exact fit that conforms to the new phone without interfering in any functionality. Hand prototypes of the final design must be made and tested. The final mold must be machined and tested before manufacturing begins. Then, and only then, can the Air Jackets and films be manufactured, packaged and shipped. This process takes several weeks after we have the new phone in hand.

When will we have the new iPhone Xs products ready for sale? We do not have an exact date set yet, but it should be ready for sale sometime between mid-October to the end of October.