Where in the WORLD is my order? Some Facts about International Shipping

Where in the WORLD is my order? Some Facts about International Shipping

Posted by Timothy Lorang on on 1st Sep 2015

Where in the world is my order from Power Support?If you read our blog: Where is my order? Some guidelines and answer about shipping your order, you know that we want all of our orders to arrive on time but sometimes things go wrong. This is especially frustrating for international orders because it is just more time consuming and expensive to solve. Many of our customers are not in the USA and sometimes it is hard to explain why their package is taking so long to deliver. Understanding some of your options and the services available may help the next time you are ordering online.

Understanding Your Shipping Options for Deliveries Outside of the USA

It is possible to buy Power Support products in Apple Stores and other locations around the world but sometimes our website is the only place where you can find what you are looking for. But international shipping presents a few problems. Most countries have international postal treaties to assure that a package mailed from the USA will be delivered. But once a package reaches a country’s customs office the USPS and Power Support have no control. Some countries’ custom services are very efficient and the package sails through customs and the package is passed on to an equally efficient and modern postal service. Some countries are not as efficient. Because of this we warn all buyers outside of the United States that their package could take up to 30 days to deliver. I know, I know, but we have no control over this.

USPS First Class International: Like First Class for domestic packages this is the least expensive way to deliver an international package and it is the method we use when you choose Free Shipping if it is available. The USPS will put a tracking number on the package but in most cases it will only track the package until it reaches the country’s customs services. For a list of countries that will track packages through delivery visit USPSDelivery Confirmation International. It does seem at times US Postal Workers are not inclined to track these packages at all. It is frustrating to go on line and see there is little or no tracking information but most of these packages do make it to their destination within 30 days. For more information visit First-ClassMail International at USPS.COM.

USPS Priority Mail International: The USPS says that they will deliver Priority Mail International packages in 6 to 10 business days for most countries. This may not account for customs and it is significantly more expensive. The big advantage is that the USPS will track the package to its final delivery in most countries.

USPS Priority Mail Express International: For a bit more you can get your package delivered in 3 to 5 days in most countries and the package will be tracked. Again, we cannot guarantee how long your package will be in customs. For more information on international priority mail visit InternationalMail Services at USPS.COM.

FedEx International: Again, if you don’t want to fool around and don’t mind paying more FedEx is a great choice. For most countries we provide these international FedEx services:

  • International Priority: 1 to 3 business days.
  • Europe First International Priority: Next day to most European cities. See FedEx online.
  • International First: 2 business days delivered by 8:30 am in some European cities.
  • International Economy: 2 to 5 business days.

These are general times and a lot depends on where you live and your countries’ customs services. Downtown London may get better service than a small village in Thailand. For more information visit FedEx deliveryoptions online.

VAT and Customs

We are required to put the value of purchased products on the customs forms for USPS and FedEx International packages. We have to do it, don’t ask us not to. Every country has a different value added tax code and customs charges. It is impossible for us to track these charges and to calculate them before we ship the package. You may want to research restrictions and taxes for your country before you order online. For example, many countries have a value threshold. For example they will charge one rate for packages under $50 and a higher rate for packages over $50. If you know these rate charges you may want to break up your order so everything is not shipped in one package.

If your taxes and custom charges are just too high you do have the option of not paying them and rejecting the package. If that happens the package will be returned to us. If you choose to do this send us an email at and tell us that you want a refund. When the package is returned we will refund your order.

Timing and Distance

Our Shipping Warehouse is located in Seattle, Washington, in the extreme upper left hand corner of the USA. Whether you request FedEx or USPS your shipment will go to a central clearing location before it is shipped. FedEx is generally more efficient at this and USPS packages may take a day or so before they are sent to your country.

‘When’ you order also affects how fast we can get your shipment out. The Post Office and FedEx usually pick up your packages about 3:00 pm Pacific time. That means if you order at 5:00 pm Pacific Time your order will not go out till the next day. The same goes for the weekends. If you order FedEx International Firston Friday night you will get your package on Wednesday or Thursday as we do not ship on Saturday.

Your package has still not arrived!

It does not happen often but sometimes a package just does not arrive. There can be a lot of reasons the package is lost. It could have been misplaced, sent to the wrong post office, or dropped behind the counter. The first step is to check the online USPSTracking or the FedEx onlinetracking. Both sites have links and information on what to do if your package has not been delivered. Your first step is to personally contact FedEx or USPS. If you contact us our only recourse is to contact FedEx and USPS.

The packages are scanned when they are picked up at our warehouse so if your package shows that it has been scanned we no longer have it and we cannot track it any better than you. If your package is really lost we will replace it, but we want to be sure the package is lost and not merely late. If it has been 30 days since you ordered the product and you think your package is lost and FedEx or the USPS cannot help you then contact us at and we will do everything physically possible to track it down and if all fails then of course we will replace the lost package.

For more information about shipping visit our Shipping FAQ page online. For more details about shipping in the USA read our blog:  Where is my order? Some guidelines and answer about shipping your order. For some answers about what you can do to help ensure your purchase arrives on time read our blog: How to Avoid Shipping Mistakes and Get your Order on Time. (Coming soon).