Where is my order? Guidelines and answers about shipping your order.

Where is my order? Guidelines and answers about shipping your order.

Posted by Timothy Lorang on on 1st Sep 2015

The last thing our shipping department wants to see is an email from a customer who hasn’t received their package. We work hard to get all the orders filled, packages packed and sealed, postage applied and put into the arms of our local postal worker. If we make a mistake filling the order or we put the wrong product in the package that is on us. But when we hand your order to the Post Office it is out of our hands. We feel a bit like we are throwing a bottle with a message into the stormy sea. We hope that it arrives on time, and most of them do, but every once in a while the package is just lost and we cannot do a thing about it.

Understanding a little about your shipping options and what we can do together to insure a smooth delivery will help.

Understanding Your Shipping Options for Deliveries in the USA

When you check out you are offered several options for shipping your package. Unless you are familiar with shipping you may not know the best option to pick.

USPS First Class: Unlike what one customer thought, this is not the best service like a First Class ticket on an airline. This is the standard mailing option for the United States Postal Service. Its great advantage is that it is relatively inexpensive and reasonably fast. Most packages shipped to addresses in the United States usually arrive in 3 to 7 days. In addition the USPS provides a tracking number so you can follow the progress of your package online.

USPS First Class is the option we use when a package qualifies for Free Shipping. You can learn more about First Class Mail at USPS.COM.

USPS Priority Mail: This is the option you use if you want your package to go to the front of the line at the United States Post Office. It costs more but your package will arrive in 1 to 3 days depending on where you are. Learn more about Priority Mail at USPS.COM.

FedEx: For the ‘World On Time’ and when you ‘absolutely, positively have to have it there overnight’ and you want to know where your package is at all times then use FedEx! It is more expensive but much more reliable. For customers in the USA we offer these options:

Standard Overnight: Overnight delivery by 3:00 p.m.

FedEx 2 Day: 2 business days delivered by 4:30 p.m.

FedEx Express Saver: 3 business days delivered by 4:30 p.m.

FedEx Ground & Ground Home Delivery: 1 to 8 business days based on distance. We ship from Seattle, Washington, so if you live on the East Coast of the USA then USPS First Class or Priority Mail will be faster. 

These are general times and a lot depends on where you live. Downtown New York may get better service than a small town in Nevada, but it is always great service. For more information visit FedEx deliveryoptions online.

Timing and Distance

Our Shipping Warehouse is located in Seattle, Washington, in the extreme upper left hand corner of your map. We like it here but the USA is a big place and that can influence shipping times. People living in Portland, Oregon or San Francisco, California often get their order via USPS in one to two days while people living in Florida or remote locations need to wait a few days longer.

“When” you order also affects how fast we can get your shipment out. The Post Office and FedEx usually pick up your packages at about 3:00 pm Pacific time. That means if you order at 5:00 pm Pacific Time your order will not go out till the next day. The same goes for the weekends. If you order FedEx Standard Overnight on Friday night you will get your package on Tuesday afternoon as we do not ship on Saturday.

Your package has still not arrived!

It does not happen often but sometimes a packages just does not arrive. There can be a lot of reasons the package is lost. It could have been misplaced, sent to the wrong post office, dropped behind the counter or even stolen from your mailbox. The first step is to check the online USPSTracking or the FedEx onlinetracking. Both sites have links and information on what to do if your package has not been delivered. Your first and most efficient first step is to contact FedEx or USPS. If you contact us our only recourse is to contact FedEx and USPS.

The packages are scanned when they are picked up at our warehouse so if your package shows that it has been scanned we no longer have it and we cannot track it any better than you. If your package is really lost we will replace it, but we want to be sure the package is lost and not merely late. If you think your package is lost and FedEx or the USPS cannot help you then contact us at and we will do whatever is physically possible to assist in locating the lost package or in a worst case scenario, replacing the product.

For more information about shipping visit our Shipping FAQ page online. For more details on international shipping read our blog:  Where in the WORLD is my order? Some Facts about International ShippingFor some answers about what you can do to help ensure your purchase arrives on time read our blog: How to Avoid Shipping Mistakes and Get your Order on Time.