Dragontrail Glass Film for iPhone X

Dragontrail Glass Film for iPhone Xs/iPhone X

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Compatible with the NEW iPhone 11 Pro, the iPhone Xs and the iPhone X  

The glass on your new iPhone X/Xs is pretty tough. But all glass is susceptible to scratches, cracks and dings. When that happens to the surface glass of your iPhone X/Xs the glass is weakened making it easier to crack or break the next time it is bumped or dropped. All screen films will protect your glass screen to a certain extent. Power Support’s screen film offers excellent protection. But while our plastic films protect the glass they can get pretty beat up in the process. Tempered glass holds up better, but it is so thick, and to tell the truth, it is just as brittle and prone to cracking as your phone’s screen. Now there is a new era of strength, Dragontrail™ glass.

Dragontrail™ glass is extremely thin and flexible, like our plastic films, but like glass it is strong and scratch resistant. Our new Dragontrail™ glass is an amazing 0.2mm thin. Compared to our 0.175mm plastic film or many tempered glass protectors at 0.4mm or 0.5mm thick, this is an incredibly thin film. This makes the Dragontrail™ glass very supple and flexible yet it is amazingly strong. Check out this video of a Dragontrail™ glass under stress.

This strength makes the Dragontrail™ glass extremely scratch resistant while its thinness makes it very responsive to the touch. You will not loose any of the responsive functionality of the iPhone X/Xs and the clear, high gloss surface shows off the screen’s detailed images. The rounded edges of the film ensures a smooth, natural feel while preventing the build up of dust and dirt around the edge.

The Dragontrail Glass Film is a chemically strengthened glass film developed by Dragontrail™ and designed for your iPhone X/Xs by Power Support.


    • Exceeds 9H Hardness
    • 0.2 mm thin
    • Rounded Edges
    • Scratch Resistant
    • Impact Resistant
    • Responsive
    • Compatible with iPhone Xs and iPhone X

 Set includes:     

    • 1 Dragontrail Glass Film
    • 1 Micro fiber cleaning cloth
    • 1 Dust Remover
If this product fails due to manufacturing defects it is covered under the Power Support Warranty for three months from the date of purchase.

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