kiriko Shichi Air Jacket

kiriko Shichi Air Jacket

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Kiriko Air Jacket for the iPhone SE and the iPhone 5/5s

kiriko-cut-glass.jpgKiriko had its origins in Edo, now modern day Tokyo, in the early 19th Century. Japanese glassblowers would blow clear glass into a paper thin layer of colored glass then fashion the final shape over intense flames. When the glass cooled artisans would cut and etch th
e glass into intricate, geometric patterns. The vivid contrast between the colored and clear glass produces stunning patterns and elegant designs. Today traditional kiriko craftsman work in modern Tokyo much as they have for almost 200 years.

Power Support engineers have combined the traditional beauty of kiriko cut glass designs with the polymer-alloy technology of the self-healing, scratch resistant Power Support Air Jacket. This technology enables us to produce an incredibly strong case that is only 1.2mm thick, the thinnest in the industry. Normally the SELF-HEALING CLEAR® coating layer produces a crystal clear Air Jacket™ that does not yellow or discolor. When combined with a thin translucent layer in traditional colors our kiriko Air Jacket designs pick up light, reflections and the patterns of the iPhone to produce ever changing patterns of light and color like traditional kiriko cut glass.

Shichi is Japanese for 7 and, as in my places, is an honored number. The Shichi kiriko Air Jacket reflects the order and beauty of tradition and Japanese art and reminds us of the seven days in a week that you will enjoy your beautiful Air Jacket™ case.

shichi-kiriko-reflection-comparisonx300.jpgThe kiriko Air Jacket Collection comes in three traditional colors, azure, red and purple, and four designs inspired by Edo kiriko craftsmen.

View the other beautiful designs in the kiriko Air Jacket Collection:
    • Yuki is inspired by the snows of Japan.
    • Chiyo evokes the beauty and unity of nature and humanity.
    • Bamboo is both beautiful and practical.

Set Includes:

    • Air Jacket with Flash Band
    • Extra Flash Band

photo credit: kiriko cut glass: Ken flickr creative commons

If this product fails due to manufacturing defects it is covered under the Power Support Warranty for three months from the date of purchase.


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