New Generation Glass Film GT for iPhone 7

New Generation Glass Film GT for iPhone 7

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    Power Support’s New Generation Glass Film GT, is one of the strongest glass screen protectors for your Apple iPhone 7 on the market. Our NanoCeram™ glass film is stronger than Gorilla Glass, thinner than tempered glass and clearer than Sapphire glass.

    • 0.3mm thin
    • Exceeds H9 Scratch Resistance
    • Harder than Gorilla Glass: 750HV Vickers Hardness scale
    • Impact Resistant
    • High Strength
    • Crack Resistant
    • Shock Absorbent
    • Resilient and Elastic
    • Extremely transparent: 91.3% transmittance level
    • Rounded Edges

    Nano Technology and Ceramic Glass

    Combining the sciences of nano-technology and ceramic glass Power Support engineers, working with NanoCeram™, have developed an extraordinary new screen film that is extremely thin, hard as nails and resists scratches and cracking. Ceramic engineering has given us the heat resistant material used on the outside of the Space Shuttle. Transparent ceramics are used in high end optics, laser guided missiles and fiber optics. Nanoceramics use microscopic materials, nanoparticles, to make extremely hard, transparent ceramic glass with amazing properties. These technologies are now available to protect your iPhone 7’s screen.

    Exceeds 9H Rating

    Most glass has a hardness rating of at least 8H or 9H, the highest hardness rating. This means that if you take a number 9H pencil, the hardest, strongest pencil, you cannot scratch the screen. Let’s face it, your phone screen comes into contact with a lot of things harder than a number 9H pencil. This is where NanoCeram™ glass out performs tempered glass, the Gorilla Glass used for your iPhone screen, and all other conventional glass films. We like to use the Vickers Hardness scale, a much better measurement of hardness and scratch resistance. In the Vickers Hardness test a pointed diamond (nothing is harder than a diamond) is pressed onto the glass surface. The size of the indent determines how hard the surface is. The smaller the indent, the higher the number, and the harder the material. The Power Support Glass Film GT outperforms Gorilla Glass with a rating of 750HV compared to Gorilla Glass’ 690HV rating. This means that our glass is harder and more scratch resistant than the glass on your iPhone.

    Gorilla Glass vs. Sapphire Glass

    No doubt you have heard the comparisons of Gorilla Glass, a product made by Corning used for the screens of most smart phones, and the extremely hard Sapphire Glass used for the face of the Rolex watch. We won’t get into all the details of the controversy, there are a couple of good articles at techspective and Digital Trends about all of that. We already know that our NanoCeram™ glass film is much harder than Gorilla Glass while at 0.3 mm it is much thinner. Sapphire Glass is almost as hard as a diamond, but the same Vickers Hardness tests show that Sapphire Glass easily cracks and is brittle. That is why the glass on a Rolex watch is so thick and that is also why we chose the NanoCeram™ glass film over the Sapphire Glass. Also, unlike the sharp edged glass on a Rolex watch our Glass Film GT has rounded edges that provide a smooth, easy, low profile feel. Finally, our rounded edges also prevent the buildup of dirt, dust and oil around the edge of the glass film.

    Power Support Glass Film GT is much more transparent than Sapphire Glass. That is one of the reasons Apple uses Sapphire Glass only on its home button. Our glass lets the Retina display of your iPhone 7 clearly shine through.

    Strong and Resilient

    Clear ceramic glass is stronger than chemically strengthened glass. Chemically treated glass only strengthens the surface. Ceramic glass is heat treated so microcrystals are distributed evenly for consistent strength throughout the glass. The even distribution of the microcrystals creates greater elasticity for excellent shock absorbent resiliency and is also resistant to cracking, scratches and chipping.

    Testing shows that clear NanoCeram™ glass is more elastic, harder, and less likely to scratch, crack or break. 


    NanoCeram™ Glass Gorilla 4 Glass

    Young's Modulus(GPa)



    Vickers Hardness



    Compressive Stress CS (MPa)



    Breaking Stress 4P (Mpa)



    Ball Drop (132g) 5.5”0.55t (cm)



    Yield Point at (°C)




    The bottom line is Power Support’s Glass Film GT made with NanoCeram™ Glass is the strongest, hardest, thinnest, most scratch resistant glass film you can buy for your iPhone 7. 


      • Exceeds 9H Hardness
      • 0.3 mm thin
      • Rounded Edges
      • Scratch Resistant
      • Impact Resistant
      • Responsive

    Set includes:     

      • 1 Glass Film GT
      • 1 Micro fiber cleaning cloth
      • 1 Dust Remover
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    If this product fails due to manufacturing defects it is covered under the Power Support Warranty for three months from the date of purchase.

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    Compatibility: iPhone 7
    Type: Screen Film
    Film Type: Glass, Clear
    Compatibility: iPhone 8