AFP Crystal Film Set for iPad Pro 9.7

Power Support AFP Crystal Film Set for iPad Pro 9.7

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iPad Pro 9.7
iPad Air
iPad Air 2
iPad 5- 9.7 in (2017)
iPad 6-9.7 in (2018)
Screen Film
Film Type:

Compatible with the NEW iPad 6 9.7" (2018)

Compatible with the iPad 5 9.7" (2017), the iPad Pro 9.7", the iPad Air 2 and the iPad Air

Apple’s new iPad Pro 9.7 is an incredibly powerful tool in a compact, easy to carry design. Complex tasks can be accomplished naturally with a touch, a swipe or writing with the Apple Pencil. The vibrant colors and responsive display are an integral component of the iPad Pro experience. Protecting the screen of such a versatile and portable tool is essential.  Not diminishing the display nor impairing its responsiveness is paramount. Power Support’s AFP Crystal Film™ Set for iPad Pro 9.7 does both.


Apple Pencil Designed

The iPad Pro 9.7 with the Apple Pencil is an innovative breakthrough for students, artists, and professionals. The Apple Pencil achieves versatility, ease of use and precision. Power Support’s AFP Crystal Film™ is not only a screen film protector that can be used with the Apple Pencil. It is a screen film protector that was designed to be used with the Apple Pencil. That means our engineers have created a film with the same smoothness and responsive feel that you would expect on the iPad Pro’s bare surface while protecting the surface from dirt and scratches.

Vibrant Colors and Clear Protection

The hard coating of the AFP Crystal Film™ protects the iPad Pro screen from scratches, dirt and dust while reducing fingerprints and smudges. This does not mean it is impossible to get a fingerprint on the screen. It means that the dirt and oils found naturally on your fingers and hands do not adhere to or penetrate the hard coating of the film making it easy to clean. The crystal surface treatment does not distort or obscure the screen but actually enhances the picture and image quality resulting in a clear, sharp image with vibrant colors.

Like all Power Support screen films the AFP Crystal Film™ is precisely cut to fit the iPad Pro 9.7. The unique film backing or separator helps you cleanly and accurately align the film during application.


    • Designed for the Apple Pencil
    • Crystal surface enhances image quality
    • Hard coating protects against dirt and scratches
    • Reduces fingerprints and smudging
    • Accurate film application
    • Re-attachable
    • Compatible with the iPad Air

Set includes:     

    • 1 Anti-fingerprint crystal film
    • 1 Micro fiber cleaning cloth
If this product fails due to manufacturing defects it is covered under the Power Support Warranty for three months from the date of purchase.

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