Full Cover and Glass Film for iPhone 6s/6

Power Support Air Jacket Full Cover + Glass Film for iPhone 6s/6

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Full protection and a fully responsive screen. It is a tough balancing act and our Power Support engineers have developed a unique, elegant solution. They have combined the new Power Support Air Jacket™ Full Cover with a tempered glass screen protector giving you as much flexibility and protection for your iPhone 6s/6 as possible. Like all Power Support Air Jackets™ the Full Cover is made from an ultra-thin poly-carbonate shell with a self-healing coating. Now that clear, tough shell completely encloses and protects all sides of the iPhone 6s/6 with a front screen cut-out that precisely fits the tempered glass screen protector. The exact fit design snaps into place for a tight, secure fit, yet it can be easily removed. The tempered glass screen protector aligns perfectly on the display screen. Cut-outs give unimpeded access to the Home Button, microphone, speaker and camera. Because of the precise design and extreme thinness all buttons are easily accessible and responsive.

Tempered Glass Clarity and Responsiveness

The Air Jacket™ Full Cover + Glass protects the back, all four sides and the screen! For those who crave the full, all sided protection of the Air Jacket Full Cover but need the ultimate clarity and responsiveness of tempered glass here is your solution. The cover is so thin and the fit is so precise the protection of the Air Jacket™ Full Cover and the tempered glass is virtually seamless. The Air Jacket™ fits so much like a second skin you may forget that it is there. Your iPhone 6s/6 will be fully functional yet you may never touch its surface again.


    • Full protection on all sides
    • Ultra-thin, flexible poly-carbonate shell
    • Self-healing coating
    • Tempered glass screen protection
    • Full screen operations
    • Exact fit design

Set includes:     

    • Air Jacket™ front
    • Air Jacket™ back
    • 1 Tempered glass film
    • 1 micro fiber cleaning cloth

Please note:

    • The Lightning to 30-pin adapter without the cable is not compatible with the full cover Air Jacket™, however the Lightning Cable is compatible.

Installing the Air Jacket Full Cover + Glass for iPhone 6s/6

When properly installed the Full Cover and Glass Air Jacket provides full protection for your iPhone 6s/6. These instructions are provided in your package and are available here for your convenience.


Place the bottom of the iPhone into the back of the Air Jacket.


Push the top of the iPhone into place. The top and the bottom should fit snugly into the back half of the Air Jacket.


To attach the front line up the side holes of the cover with the volume buttons.



Push the bottom of the front cover into place.

Finally, push the top of the front cover into place. Push the side of the cover over the edge so the sleep/wake button lines up with the button hole.

Peel the protective film from the back of the glass.



Align the top edge of the glass with the top edge of the opening in the front cover.  Lower the glass into place onto the LCD display screen.

How to Remove the Air Jacket Full Cover


Remove the top cover by pulling up on the upper right corner. Pull the edge up and away from the sleep/wake button. Pull the top cover up and away from the iPhone.


Next, turn the iPhone so the power button is on top and press with your thumb on the upper left corner of the back cover. Gently remove the cover from the iPhone.

If this product fails due to manufacturing defects it is covered under the Power Support Warranty for three months from the date of purchase.

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