ScreenSavrz, Apple MacBook 12 - Black

ScreenSavrz, Apple MacBook 12

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MacBook 12"

ScreenSavrz protect delicate Apple and PC laptop display screens from abrasion caused by the close tolerances present in modern thin and light notebooks. ScreenSavrz positively shield and protect your display screen from oils, dirt, shock, keyboard marks and top case abrasion. ScreenSavrz also expertly clean and polish LCD displays without sprays or wet wipes - dampen ScreenSavrz with water and easily remove existing key marks and scuffing.


    • Shields and protects notebook LCD's from oils, dirt, shock, scratching and abrasion
    • No oily residue or shedding as with leather or commercial microfiber protectors
    • Expressly designed to protect, clean and polish LCD displays - never buy another wet wipe
    • Easily removes prior LCD screen damage, abrasions and key marks
    • Ultra-tough and lightweight cloth lasts for years - won't ever wrinkle, fray, run or tear
    • Optex construction provides the most safe, effective and economical screen cleaning solution available
    • Polish and clean your entire notebook, your peripherals, accessories, iPod, eyeglasses, CD's, DVD's and more
    • Specific sizes for all brands and models of notebooks
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