Shock Proof Air Jacket for iPhone X Rubber Navy Back-side with iPhone X

Shock Proof Air Jacket for iPhone X

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  • Product Description

    This Air Jacket is compatible with the iPhone X. IT IS NOT COMPATIBLE with the iPhone Xs.
    Please read our blog on when Air Jackets for the iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max and the iPhone Xr will be available.

    Hybrid Design: By combining a thin, soft, TPU inner sleeve with a hard, polycarbonate bumper Power Support engineers have made an Air Jacket that is resistant to shocks and bumps yet is thin, light weight and shows off your iPhone X. We all want to protect our iPhone, but we don’t want to hide it beneath layers of rubber. The Shock Proof Air Jacket for iPhone X incorporates the traditional thin profile of our Air Jacket that does not hide, but shows off your new Apple iPhone. The hard bumper is reinforced with rubber paint that increases its shock resistance while adding a stylish color accent. The Air Jacket is available in five bumper colors: Rubber Silver, Rubber Gold, Rubber Black, Rubber Red, and Rubber Navy.

    No Watermarks

    Because of the iPhone’s slick, polished surface, the inner surface of many clear cases stuck to the iPhone producing an unsightly watermark or rainbow effect. Power Support engineers have solved this problem with tiny, imperceptible micro-dots that prevent the inner side of the Air Jacket from sticking to the iPhone’s surface. Now you all you see through the clear Air Jacket is the iPhone X.


      • No Watermarks
      • Soft TPU Case
      • Hard Bumper
      • Shock Resistance
      • Light Weight
      • Slim Profile

    Set includes:     

      • 1 Air Jacket

    Note: Currently the Power Support USB Lightening Cables sold on this site, are not compatible with the Shock Proof Air Jacket for iPhone X. Apple's lightening cables are compatible with Shock Proof Air Jacket for iPhone X

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    1. charging hole could be bigger

      the charging cable opening is too small... it ONLY fit the APPLE original charging cable... i have other better quality cables and the Belkin split charging plugs all FAILED to insert into that tiny hole. on 8th Dec 2017

    2. Made in China, not Japan

      This is not a product worth buying. Made in China? Please, there’s tons of iPhone cases made in China selling at a fraction of your price! I’m returning it. on 3rd Dec 2017

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  • Warranty Information

    If this product fails due to manufacturing defects it is covered under the Power Support Warranty for three months from the date of purchase.

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  • Other Details

    Compatibility: iPhone 8 Plus
    Compatibility: iPhone 7 Plus
    Type: Air Jacket
    Color: Silver
    Color: Gold
    Color: Black
    Color: Red
    Color: Navy