Teglass Super Technology Glass for iPhone 11 Pro Max

Teglass Super Technology Glass for iPhone 11 Pro Max

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iPhone 11 Pro Max
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Compatible with the NEW iPhone 11 Pro Max and the iPhone Xs Max

The new iPhone 11 Pro Max is pretty tough. But all glass is susceptible to scratches, cracks and dings. When that happens to the surface glass of your iPhone 11 Pro Max the glass is weakened making it easier to crack or break the next time it is bumped or dropped. All screen films will protect your glass screen to a certain extent. Power Support’s screen film offers excellent protection. But while our plastic films protect the glass they can get pretty beat up in the process. Tempered glass holds up better, but it is so thick, and to tell the truth, it is just as brittle and prone to cracking as your phone’s screen. Now there is a new era of glass film strength: the Teglass™ super technology glass.

Teglass™ is extremely thin and flexible, like our plastic films, but like glass it is strong and scratch resistant. Our new Teglass™ is an amazing 0.2mm thin. Compared to our 0.175mm plastic film or many tempered glass protectors at 0.4mm or 0.5mm thick, this is an incredibly thin glass film. This makes the Teglass™ very supple and flexible yet it is amazingly strong. Unlike tempered glass, it is not thick and brittle. And our new installation guidance frame, (see below) makes it a snap to line up and install on your phone.

moth-eye-structure.pngThis strength makes the Teglass™ extremely scratch resistant while its thinness makes it very responsive to the touch. You will not lose any of the responsive functionality of the iPhone 11 Pro Max and the Teglass™ is highly transparent. In fact, regular tempered glass has a transmittance level of 92% while the Teglass™ transmittance level is 95%. That means the colors, depth and details of your iPhone’s screen shine through like no other screen protector. You cannot protect your screen with anything clearer.


Teglass™ film is also extremely glare resistant, without the haziness and dullness of most anti-glare screens because of our amazing new MENN® technology. Inspired by nature, the surface of the Teglass™ actually mimics the surface of a moth’s eye. Etched into the surface of the glass are thousands of nano-nipples that copies the surface of a moth’s eye. This amazing structural design lets the light from your screen shine through while reducing glare by almost 75% compared to regular glass. This surface structure also reduces smudging and fingerprints.


Teglass™ screen film is the only choice for those serious about protecting the surface of their iPhone 11 Pro Max


    • Exceeds 9H Hardness
    • 0.2 mm thin
    • Transmittance 95%
    • Glare Resistant
    • Fingerprint Resistant
    • Scratch Resistant
    • Impact Resistant
    • Responsive
    • Easy installation with installation guidance frame

Set includes:     

    • 1 Teglass™ film
    • Dust Remover
    • Cleaning Cloth
    • Installation Guidance Frame

Easy Installation

Using the provided cloth, carefully remove the dirt from the iPhone surface.
Apply the Dust Remover on the display screen. Peel off Dust Remover to eliminate residual dust and particles from the glass screen.
Snap the installation guidance frame onto your iPhone.
Remove the film backing.
Aligning to the guidance frame, put the screen protector onto the iPhone screen slowly.
In case of air bubbles, push out from the center of the screen using the cloth.
Remove the guidance frame.
If this product fails due to manufacturing defects it is covered under the Power Support Warranty for three months from the date of purchase.


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